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How does it work?


  • You provide me your first name and the question(s).

  • If there is another person involved, state their first name(s).

  • I will start the reading right away

  • While I am providing the reading I will ask often if things make sense to you.

  • If you are in an extreme state of emotion such as panic, anger, or fear, then it then it is best to wait until you calm down before calling. Being in your average state of mind is the best time. 

  • Please keep in mind, if you try to reach me when I am offline, there may be a chance that I am out of the service area. Please refresh your page later in the day to see if I am logged in. 



Matthew Brandau has experience in the following:

  • 20 years of Psychic Readings

  • Managed a paranormal research group

  • Personal encounters with Angelic and Demonic spirits through mediumship

  • Christian by faith, and study the bible: KJV (King James Version), NIV (New International Version) and the Geneva Bible of 1560

  • Psychology of developmental theories and research

My strongest skills are reading people by photos or their first name(s).

A bit about my views

Each of us has a path in life, from day to day routines to planning for school, vacations, or major changes in life. During these times, difficulty does come. Relationships, moments of the heart, job changes, social behavior, and more.

Most people do not have much time to figure things out, have been given bad or confusing signals, or, they need someone to help provide unbiased direction with solid proven advise for personal questions.

Psychologists and psychotherapists are often considered, and very helpful until people find the “red tape” to get the help is not reasonable. Costs, waiting time due to the severe shortages of these professionals, and multiple sessions before clarity is found, or medication is prescribed.

Even then there are some concerns. Do the doctor and patient understand each other? Is there a disconnect? This does happen in reality.

This is why authentic psychics have always been around, and continue to help to this day. When it comes to the need for answers quickly, authentic psychics have proven to be the easier choice. Most of the time, authentic psychics are ready to answer your question within minutes. You might even find the possibility of not needing further help due to the quality of the educated psychics help. 

 Remember that “psychics” are not medical or legal professionals. Most consider psychics to be for entertainment purposes only. What you do with the information provided by psychics is up to your interpretation. 

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My Beginnings

My first unexplainable event was when I was working in a retail store. I was in the break room eating, and this kind lady walked in to sit down and eat. She had a small bowl of quarters that she put on the table (no idea why). But then something came over me, and I looked at her eyes. I just started talking, and told her everything about her life. I could not stop, I did not even realize I was scaring her. I never saw her again after that.”

My second unexplainable event was when I drove trucks long distance. It was night time, and I was on a highway getting very tired. I put on a cassette tape and listened to two songs. The first was the movie theme to Jaws, and I felt fear like something wanted to attack me without mercy. I seemed to sense a dark shadow approaching me in front of my truck. Then the theme song from E.T. played, and the shadow was gone, but this time I felt a sense of love, safety and empathy. But, out of the top of the truck came a translucent cloud of gold, and it enveloped me, it was an incredible feeling. Then moments later, it was gone, and the rest area to sleep was just ahead.”

My third experience which repeated itself and was a bit unfortunate. I began to predict what people’s relationships would last and which ones would not. It caused some issues, but after some time, every single one of those people came back to me and said I was right. Keep in mind, I had no way of knowing a year or two in the future, my predictions would be confirmed, but in my heart, I knew without a doubt those who would stay together and those who would not.”





He needed space to think. And literally it was the best thing he did.
I think you were right and accurate about it all.

I couldn’t understand how you were so accurate about both of us and him
Ending it. It didn’t make sense.

But he didn’t. He just needed space to think.

I’m a runner. He said i have to stop running, he isn’t going to hurt me.

Hmmm……things are just going to get better.

Thank you.


April: Matthew, I want to tell you something… Back when you did your live readings with questions I asked you if you had any messages from my Dadsg… I lost them both within 4 months of each other You told me you had a man coming through that was angry…not at me. He was mad at somebody that wasn’t doing what they were supposed to be doing You said he wanted me to take care of something I didn’t understand that at the time I Went home to PA for a quick visit over Memorial Day and while home I went to visit my biological Dad’s girlfriend and my brother who is 8 Missy told me she wasn’t getting survivor benefits for my brother and that she was getting the run around from SSI saying it’s pending. Your message came to mind…but I knew there was nothing I could do to speed things up She continued to tell me when my Dad was cremated she had the funeral home safe her some ashes for my 2 half my brothers. I asked if the ashes had been spread yet and she told me that she didn’t think the ashes had been picked up!!! My brother and I are the oldest if 7 children from various women. We paid for the cremation and because we both live out of state our half sister was supposed to pick up the ashes…in November. Because my Dad was not married a family member had to pick up his remains. My sister had one job to do…and she screwed that up! I called the funeral home and they verified that my Dad was still there. I picked up his ashes and gave them to his girlfriend I just wanted you to know that you were 100% correct…and all is well and my Dad can now truly Rest in Peace Thank you for my message…I appreciate you so much

Mviv213 click4advisor testimonial

Matthew – you were right about it all!!! As you said, had to remind my professor a few more times for her to finally submit the recommendation letter. Within 48 hours of her submitting it, I got an acceptance letter from admissions and they typically take weeks to admit/deny. I didn’t believe you – I applied late to an Ivy League so the odds were against me.

Feel free to use my rave as a testimonial – or if you want me to write another one just let me know and I’d be happy to 🙂

Stay well Matthew

from mviv213

Jennifer Gonzales

I have known Matt since late 2016. I was going through a serious time in my life with a jury trial going on a narcissistic boyfriend and his family, and stress of something evil following my kids and I around our home and from state to state. With everything going on Matt helped me sort out all those tough issues one at a time, and is still helping me stay levelheaded to this day about any day-to-day stresses that may be giving me a little bit of anxiety, such as my marriage, kids, work, family, etc. He has been a great and trusted friend and I recommend Matt and his gift of his psychic medium ability to help anyone through any issue they may be facing, big or small.

Thank you,
Jennifer Gonzales

Karen Kuebler

Karen Kuebler: ​ Matthew Brandau is a phenomenon on our Earth -a stunningly gifted Medium with an extraordinarily good and kind heart. He literally pulled me back from the brink of despair by sharing his gift with me. He makes the world a better place by his being.

Sharon Pugh


Sharon Pugh: Matthew Brandau has read for me numerous times. His ability to connect as both a medium and a psychic is amazing. Matthew has provided me with deep insight and given the clarity I needed to make the right decision. Sharon Pugh, Atlanta, Ga