A little bit about addiction

In my on going testimony regarding the power and reality of the trinity, and the Holy Spirit is its power on the effect of the human mind. I will talk about addiction or behaviors that are bad. One of the biggest problems that we now have is the ability to allow ourselves to behave badly, or sinfully in seclusion and secrecy. When I say secrecy, Its not actually as secretive as we might think. Other people are the target of our intent on being secretive, but nothing can be hidden from the Holy Spirit.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit can have an immediate effect on our minds, no matter what the previous desires were or are. I say this because it has just happened to me this month! A particular behavior that I have been trying to break for a long time, but failed 80 percent upon temptation. Then the Holy Spirit came in, very simple, very pure, very fast, but holding strong, sure, and respectful. Since this intervention, I have bee able to avoid this temptation 100% with ease. But do NOT get me wrong. Lucifter (morning star) now sees this and he intends to increase the temptations! How do I know this? I wish I could say, but the idea that he will is strong, and it is there.

The other part about this is that I know I can easily disregard this gift of the Holy Spirit and decide to go back into sin. I also know that Lucifer would congratulate me on going back to sin! But he does not show me or tell me he future plans. Only what he knows will make me enjoy things right now. He is the perfect politician.

So, what I recommend is that for those of you who are reading this and becoming curious. Please feed that curiosity with the bible. Most any bible will do. You will have questions! When you get those questions answered, you may have more questions. This is how it all begins. When you begin to connect to the Holy Spirit, you will start to “talk” to him. That connection needs to grow through a relationship. You are the baby, you are learning about your father. It takes time!