A strange feeling is beginning to come to my mind. Like a slowly read story. In the beginning when I started reading the bible. I had no idea what to expect. But part of my suspicion was very apprehensive. As it turns out, this book has more to offer than I had suspected. So much more in fact, that now things from the book are now affecting me in my personal life. Oddly, this applies in both good and bad ways.

But I cannot say the “bad ways” are actually negative in effect. They are actually good, but very hard to handle. The good is showing itself in a way of odd knowledge that I cannot say I knew before. Knowledge about people. Who is good, and even more so, who may really be bad or worse, demonic. Oddly, those who are actually demonic now react differently towards me. Some become more pronounced in their approach. As if to say I am not welcome in their presence. Others seem to avoid me in even greater obvious efforts.

Thankfully, other people who are welcoming me into their presence with a bit more ease are those who wish to have a relationship with God, or currently have a relationship.

Then lastly, I am feeling my own presence growing. As if my own energy source or energy field is growing. My mental awareness of others is growing. This particular part of things is the hardest to explain. There are very few if any words to explain this sense.

I am really not sure where this blog will go, but there is a shift in some things in my life. Good things. I cannot start this out with a soft, somewhat normal introduction. I have to come out and say what has happened to me without a back ground explanation.


To be somewhat fair, this is diving into two areas that are not what I would call symbiotic. Bible and Theology studies, then my “fantasy book” or science fiction book. From a psychic perspective, or a prophetic description, my book may actually be more of an unintended remote viewing. Now I know that says a mouthful! It is a very dramatic statement, but after re-watching some older videos of events in the past decade, well, it made me realize, or humbly accept a spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit of remote viewing or prophetic visions. I cannot say for sure, but I trust my gut, and it says that this is true.

So, if “this” is true, then my story….my science fiction book, may prove to be a reality in some (unknown readers) eyes. I find that possibility to be a wonderful blessing, and at the same time, a very intense possibility.

My books name is The Oceans Secret. Oddly enough, it is also the abbreviation for this website! TOS. Unfortunately it does not offer the dot com ending, but the dot RED is no big deal either.

So, as I move forward with my book, I hope it will find real connections with people in the world, or even if possible…beyond our Earth? Sounds silly, but anything is possible.

The more I read about the bible, and connect with Jesus, the more I connect in multiple ways with the world around me. The news websites, the politics, and the frustrations of our daily lives, are truly nothing less than an in our face distraction. Our past generations have learned self preservation is more important that sharing, loving and giving.


The bible is more than a book about the Jewish beginnings, or the story of Jesus Christ. It is factually timeless. It applies to yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Our self preservation mentality keeps us blind, and away from the temptation to use our own built in truths for good. Both spiritual and physical truths. Yes, we are actually being held back from our growth in humanity. It is a horrible place that we are in, Thankfully we are starting to wake up. But as it is, waking up is hard to do. But it is a MUST. By the way, spirituality and the physical world are not separate. We were just taught that they seem separate. These two things are critically symbiotic.