Today I got another revelation. I just finished reading part of Corinthians 1.

The revelation is about our soles. It seems the more faithful you become, the stronger your sole becomes. How do I know my sole is becoming stronger? Good question. I do not have an answer for that. But I can say that my awareness of others (ambiguous as in other humans or aliens), are out there. They fear or hate this strength. As my knowledge of our history grows and my connection to God grows, this awareness of the evil from Satan also grows.



The internet has become weaponized. People are using the internet more and more. It is like one gigantic international library of information. But, this information is a dumping ground of opinions and liars. People are full of deceit. In this time, Satan is really pushing his lies and his power onto our spirits.

People are turning more and more to the safety of the words “I do not care”. Saying this to protect themselves from the evil surrounding them. Using anger to protect them from others with anger.

You might hear a preacher or a person of faith saying to pray to God, but, Their words seem to fall short. What should you do right now, today? We are all in a war. Its a spiritual war. Not one that you were taught in school, or learned from in family. This is a fight for the right to your sole. Most of us do NOT think about our sole. We cannot see it,

The good news is that it is still there. It never left. This generation has been lead to believe that it does not matter, or perhaps does not exist. This is exactly what the devil wants!

This is why every single human on this earth is a fighter. Because you are a human, you are a target. But, if you decide that your sole is worth fighting for. If it is worth saving from Satan’s kingdom, then you are a soldier in this fight.

Remember, this fight is not about what you see politically, or news / information you read from some random website, Its how you act in the belief of faith. This is your sword and shield. Its that simple. The bible is your sword. Even if you do not read it, your faith, and knowing some of the words of Jesus will give you SERIOUS powers to hold your own ground against so many things.

Again, this is a fight for all humans, and yes each and every single one of us will make a difference. Your spirit is the reason it is worth the fight for righteousness.



Things this past week are getting even more intense. The news around the world is basically in chaos. From politics to local town school issues. But as it is being shown, the evil of sin, or in this case, greed is the most prevalent.While these stories are really intense, what is very interesting is knowing where to go for the deeper stories. What I am finding is that one things is absolutely for sure. We as humans are not alone on this planet. There are other creatures who have intelligence. Some of them are more intelligent than we are. Some of the humans are in communication with these other creatures as well as non terrestrial creatures. Thankfully, all of them admit to one truth. They fear death. They know that there is actually a God. They know that Jesus actually did walk the Earth. Those that know this, and still have unquenchable greed, fear death! They do not know, but they suspect that their soul will go to hell. This is something that they do not want to risk! So, they do anything and everything they can to avoid death, while sinning for pleasure as much as possible until that fateful moment comes.

Even one of the popes last words were something like ‘I know that my actions on this earth were not good, so I have reason to fear what may come next.’

The more I read about the history of religion, and the closer I strive to be in Gods grace, the more I see how real he is, how powerful he is, and how foolish much of the life of humans and other beings are. We have been given a chance, yet so many ignore it.

Thankfully I have a chance to strive into his grace. Thankfully I know about Satan, and that I need to avoid him in any way I can.


A very strange day, and highly eventful! I was aware that for a while I knew I could sense things in people. But for the most part I just ignored it, or even pushed it away. Many different ideologies given to me from different people instilled a sense of foreboding about these abilities. 

But, yesterday. I was shocked. My friend Jennifer and I talked about emotional issues. Some of them long standing, and far reaching. Others, more on the daily basis of our own feelings.

But, this time we included demons in our conversation. I may have broached the idea, but it was not unusual for our topics. I even suggested that I could see about her own demon. One that has been with her for a very long time.

I felt as if my relationship with Jesus has grown to a certain point that this test, or approach may be worth testing or looking at.

I told her to look at the phone camera, and I asked to speak to the demon attached to her. I requested its name. She said “leviathan”. At that point, Jennifer’s eyes went wide open. Clearly this was a shock to her. It was not a lie, or any intended trickery on her part. So perhaps, just maybe, I actually interacted through Jesus Christ with a demon. After this, Jennifer said she felt more at peace then she has in a long time.

So, now we will start to make plans to get her to a church in her area. One that might help her to fight this demon. I hope she will get baptized. I did not know that she is not baptized. I guess I automatically thought she was. I mean she knows a lot of the bible pretty well.


A division among ourselves. I huge division world wide. This is not just a spiritual argument of us versus them. This is about neighbors fighting for many reasons. Spirituality is one of these, but ignored as one of the most important.

We have a history, and a very real visible and written truth. Currently society is being  blinded and teaching itself to ignore, or even to be deaf to our neighbors. What are our neighbors? The person living next to you, the family living next to you. The people living down the street. The college house that plays loud music late into the night. The criminals that are in desperation to survive. The rich people who live on a separate street that keep a fence up to ward off other neighbors.

We are factually created by God. But most do not know this, or chose to not accept this. Instead, people are choosing their own beliefs. Many of these are based on science or what they see. This leaves out the truth, the spiritual truth.

Here is a good point….you most likely have heard of infra red light? But it is not visible, so why do you accept it to be true?

You see through telescopes and images of other galaxies far away, but some people say it is a trick. Why? Because their faith does not allow them to accept these pictures.

Our history is much larger than one persons opinion. Yet the news media of today is offering very evil opinions to alter the truth. To accept that our division is the best way, and that our personal beliefs are not the safest for us.

Yet we all know in our hearts that the truth is much more than what we see and hear, but it also scares us! Why? Because we are not neighbors.


As the news offers less and less accurate information about anything local, state, or internationally, people are starting to trend towards what is only in front of their faces. The trust in the news is nearly zero. This is including the trust of the medical fields influence on peoples safety. Common sense about medicine is beginning to trend up. Many doctors seem to be leaving the field of medicine. They just seem to be leaving, silently.

on a sad note, there seems to be something happening on a large scale that is not so obvious. But only by seeing the behavior of certain people, you begin to realize that there is a war going on. Not the normal war, but one of sabotage. Someone, or some group is indirectly, or secretively trying to start a very strange war. We know there is a war in the Ukraine. But we do not have any idea what the truth is. Then there are multiple weather events happening, but not really being reported in the news. Then strange earthquakes that are clearly not normal, and not natural.

The final issue is the amount of accidents happening in the USA. Train derailments, and dangerous chemical spills. Chicago is becoming the same as the days of Al Capone, and with the open border in Texas….clearly someone or some group in the USA is trying to create imbalance or chaos.

Yet here in the news comes a church in the middle of the USA at the Asbury University in Kentucky, where preaching and gospel is now non-stop. 

The fight between good and evil is growing. My adventure in my studies grows with this. I am seeing more spiritual signs lately, and also seeing the truth about Satan and his affect. People are not as blind, but there is still work to be done.


Revelations keep coming in. The news from the USA, Europe, Russia and China is literally all over the board. It is literally like 24 hour chaos in the news. But what is so incredible is if one knows the history of our planet and the people, then you know this is not a new thing. In fact this has not happened twice, before, but many times before. Even during the times when Jesus Christ or Yahweh, and other names walked the Earth.

What is incredible is the energy from the people during our time. People are showing a very real increase in desire for peace, patience, and sympathy. They do not want war. But Satan and people who believe in evil at all levels are desperately fighting to keep their sins going strong. They need their addictions satisfied at the expense of all others.

This is just more proof of how real the bible is, and how powerful the holy spirit is. One might say that this is all just the behavior of the human condition, but you cannot always explain the metaphysical side of things that happen. Denying them or ignoring them is fine, that is your prerogative, but that does not stop them from happening or still occurring. Denying what others claim to be true is your choice, but be careful. If neutral parties all claim the same story, independent of each other, then your denial is the lie.

It is quite clear now that God does exist, and that Jesus walked on the Earth, and it is also clear that he gave us the Holy spirit to guide us.

I have now approached my teacher / friend to consider evangelizing with me in the town this summer. It is clear that people want some hope, and familiar good news.