Today was another one of those where the world became clearer. I am reading the book of messianic. With it in combination with other books in the bible, it is now absolutely clear that the Roman Catholic Church, and its affiliates are walking together hand in hand with Satan. These other associates or affiliates include businesses, foundations, banks, industries, governments…Ect.

By the recent release of the document from the Pope, this also verifies that this has been an on going historical effort since the early years after Jesus walked the Earth.

Thankfully the Holy spirit remains strong, and amongst us. How ever its strength is hidden. Not lessened!

Since the newest (questionable) president has taken office, he and his staff have created a terrible anti-God approach towards the nation of the USA, and supported multinational industries in hurting the foundations of multiple countries.

What I find brilliant is that at the same time this Satanic influence ins pushing hard, so is the Holy spirit. People are taking stronger action, the public is forcing the media to take note of its protestant push to biblical righteousness.

To the average people today, the ones that chose to ignore everything except their own eyes, something is changing that even they are very unhappy about. Their money is being taken directly away from them! Their neighborhoods are changing in front of their eyes. People who speak different languages are now among them, making the “locals” the minority. Food prices going up for no valid reason.

These people are now beginning to look up. They are now starting to see that there is a serious issue. Be it Satanic or just human corruption, it is now clearly out in the open. But….and this is the part I truly love. This is NOT the first time for this Earthly event. In fact, yes, this has happened before, in the past! Most people do not know about it because our history is not being taught.

It is being hidden! How ironic that one of the oldest books in the world is teaching us these facts. The Holy spirit endures! It is alive in the Bible, no matter how many humans try to manipulate it, or the people around them.