A day to Evangelize

Today on my usual walks to get food, and enjoy a short walk, I took another route today. Out side the store I found a local chatting, they were just saying good bye. She saw me, and we started talking. We talked for two hours. The discussion was about faith. It seems that there is a lot of confusion about the faiths and the largest key differences.

Well, that is what this blog is about. The key difference with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God being three separate entities, and one entity at the same time. Our discussion cleared up a few good questions she had about different faiths. I was very happy that the Holy Spirit was there to help guide my answers.

Right now though, in the main stream media, faith is under severe attack. People in positions of political power are coming out in favor of very demonic/satanic suggestions, changes, and ideals. All of them going against all of the faiths. Thankfully, the bible already knew this would, and does happen. It already has the answers. These wolves in sheep’s skin WILL pay the terrible ultimate price.