I met with Birgit today. We had a good 2 hour chat about the bible. It seems I have started to see some things that I was either blind to, or have learned about. I am now expressing my thoughts on these things. We all know about the many wars going on around the world. The cruelty of people who have amassed wealth and through wealth…power. That is the physical side. There there is the spiritual side. This is where the good vs bad shows a very different side of itself. The bad or Satanic side or Luciferian world shows ghastly unsympathetic cruelty towards the human race. It also

shows a dark unseen shadow world that the normal human does not see. In most cases, they will never see it.

Then there is the Good spiritual side. The one where I am powerfully focused on. God, the holy spirit or Holy ghost, and Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is the most powerful form of spirituality we can mentally and physically live in. Yes, I said physically.

People live in the world today but only live in the moment. Prayer, and spiritual behavior are seriously missing. This needs to change. Not in a nice polite way, but like a mac truck coming through your neighborhood with a train horn sounding.